USA global the worst of Corona to the affected southern States taxes on heavy crisis

In the US, the crisis is due to the Coronavirus pandemic aggravates again dramatically. According to the Johns Hopkins University from Wednesday within 24 hours 35.900 new infection were reported cases – almost as many as the previous peak of the crisis in April. Particularly evident is the increase in Numbers in the South of the country. The States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut ordered, therefore, that from several States of the South, travellers need to be in quarantine.

The total number of registered infections in the United States, according to the University of nearly 2.4 million. The number of registered deaths rose by a further 756 cases about 121.900.


The American nightmare – like Corona Donald Trumps of the world power in Ruin falls

USA worldwide is affected the worst

The United States is by far the hardest by the pandemic-affected country in the world. For two weeks they recorded in about half of the 50 States, significantly increasing the risk of Contagion.

This is particularly true for regions of the South – the States of Texas and Florida currently register their highest rates of infection since the beginning of the crisis. Observers attribute this in part to a premature easing of Corona limitations. The Texas Governor Greg Abbott appealed to the inhabitants to remain at home and to wear when they Leave their homes respiratory protective masks.

New York and its neighboring States of New Jersey and Connecticut, ordered a two-week quarantine for Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, South Carolina and Texas incoming travelers. In the event of violations in New York with the possibility of fines of $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 in the case of repetition, such as Governor Andrew Cuomo announced.

Travelers from the meantime, especially in the pandemic-affected areas could bring “the infection,” said Cuomo. “We should look reality in the eye. Denial is not a life strategy.”

New York has curbed the Coronavirus now

The step shows how the Coronavirus crisis in the United States regional has shifted: for a Long time of the state of New York and the eponymous city of millions, the epicentre of the pandemic, there are more than 30,000 people died.

In the meantime, requested the other States that New York embark on a visit to the quarantine. With strict measures, such as output restrictions and business closures could be brought to the location in the metropolis, but in the past few months under control.

US President

"Kung Flu": Trump spokeswoman defended the racist identification of the Coronavirus

Critics give President Donald Trump is a complicity in the devastating effects of the Coronavirus in the country. The President had spoken of the danger by the novel pathogen initially small and penetrates already since months on a swift return to normality. A few days ago, Trump also took his election campaign rallies. He wears no mask.

Due to the rising infection figures, the European Union media checks according to reports, U.S. traveler, according to the from 1. July planned gradual Opening of the EU-outside the entry limits to refuse. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said he expected an agreement with the EU on the resumption of travel “in the coming weeks”. The United States wanted to be exposed to a Corona-risk travelers from abroad and even other countries, no “problems” to prepare.

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