Virologist Drosten: laboratories in Germany, are the key to success

Christian Drosten, Director of Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin, says: “The reason why we are in Germany at the Moment, so few deaths compared to the number of the Infected, is sufficiently explained by the fact that we do a lot of laboratory diagnostics in Germany. Estimates are now coming in these last days, suggest that we perform in the area of half a Million PCR tests every week in Germany, distributed over the surface. We have to appreciate it. That doesn’t sound like a weakness, that we know exactly. We must appreciate it because we have a very great strength in our country. That is, the whole of the laboratory medicine sector and the transmissions of the teaching hospitals in each case – a very close proximity to the craft. That is, the laboratory physicians in the whole of Germany can still build such Tests, if someone gives you a recipe for it. The recipe came out already in January of the Charité, and was uniformly distributed in the circle of colleagues at all University hospitals. And that had extreme environmental effects. The University hospitals were able to perform within a very short period of time, long before the end of January this diagnosis.”