Weather service warns of the health consequences

Heat waves are häsingle-stage and more intense. The German weather service identifies in his messages to the health consequences. However, he warns Recently äolder and sick people extra

In Stäcities are heating up, especially densely built centres tagsüber strong and küfrom miss at night hardly

How hot is the näthe next months will be? Even experienced meteorologists köcan there only be guessing, because the weather lässt, at most, a few weeks in advance precisely einschäsupport. It is certain, however, that it is generally a Trend to höhigher temperatures (see chart below). Of course, in the meantime, also, that this heat damage waves of health. The analyses from Germany.

The heat takes a toll on Kühlsystem of the Köbody. Möpossible consequences: headache, Erschöcreation, dizziness, sleepless Nänot a big deal. In healthy people it remains. But für the elderly, the infirm and chronically ill people are the high temperatures life-threatening. Around 7000 heat victims in 2003, there were in the "Jahrhundertsommer" in Germany. A Single Event? By no means.

In the future, it is häsingle-stage heat waves give

"In the summer of 2015, although not quite as heiß, health, however, almost equally distressing. Because it was schwüler and at night wärmer", Professor Andreas Matzarakis, Freiburg, medicine-Meteorological research at the German weather service (DWD) said. His Team has the two wäpoorest people of the German summer of the last 70 years compared to each other and in relation to climate change analysed.

Conclusion: Such loads are küin the future the rule to be. Up to the middle of the century köit could come in every second summer, by 2100, two heat waves are even per season möpossible. The results of the study were published in the journal Atmosphere veröpublished. This also has positive effects. So dümany people are likely to be üabout a lälonger bathing season and höhere temperatures to look forward to.

Heat poses many dangers für the health

At the same time, also the UV-radiation but more intense. Who is not sufficiently in front of it schützt – for example, in the swimming pool –, erhöht be a risk of skin cancer. Experts expect außbesides, with more poisoning due to non-sufficient gekümissed food. Pollen Allergy suffer in the future stäamplifier, because plants läViking blühen. And there are also ticks in Wärme better k&ouml thrive, ;you could häsingle-stage pathogens, such as Borrelia ütransferred, warns the Robert Koch-Institute in Berlin.

However, the größte threat to Health are the direct effects of heat waves. Geschwäkilled people köcan die, your lungs fail, you suffer a heart attack. Since 2003, to take these dangers seriously. As one of the first Federal Ma&szlig wide;took füa rigidity at the time of the DWD, a System that all counties and Städte warns, once a strong Wärmebelastung threatens. In addition to the temperature daf&uuml give;r also humidity and Wind rash. Experts calculate therefrom the gefümissed temperature as Maß für the health risk.

The German weather service warns of onerous temperatures

From gefümissed 32 degrees can be a warning. "But we speak only then, if the night is not below 20 degrees abküthe hlt, and on the following day, a minimum of 32 degrees expected werden", Matzarakis says. Because meteorologists know from the analysis of past heat waves: Take this only a few hours, to cope with the most people you well. However, only as long as the gefümissed temperature not to üabout 38 degree climb. If the looms, the scale of the German weather service the load as an extreme and warns immediately in front of it: at eleven o’clock in the morning, so Informed before the midday heat react köcan.

Already in 2017 fürigidity of DWD two innovations. The first berütaken into account that Old and Sick are very sensitive to heat. You are now starting gefümissed 36 degrees in front of extreme stress, be warned. The second innovation relates to Großstädte. Because of the densely built-up centers to heat up particularly strongly, we calculated the local strain and – if nötig – be warned.

Heat warnings via the Internet, Newsletter and App

The DWD informed üover several Kanäle: on its website, by E-Mail-Newsletter, with his Warning weather App. Every Smartphone owner can use this free of charge. But there’s a Problem: Who suffers the most under the heat, erhäthe warnings do not lt. Because many elderly people use neither a Computer nor a Smartphone. After all: most of The Gesundheitsäoffices, emergency services, Krankenhäuser and care facilities receive the Newsletter and köcan on heat alerts to respond.

"However, in the medical and nursing field, there are still some requirements to the System machen&quot wide known to;, Dr. Hans-Guido M&uuml says;cke, the scientific staff of the Department of für environmental hygiene at the Federal environment Agency in Berlin. For example, under, outpatient nurses, resident &Auml ends;doctors and pharmacists. You all have to do with people, which is particularly sensitive to heat and react – köcan so recommendations help. About how to store medicines at high temperatures or whether you should reduce the dose of medication.

Heat warnings köcan with tips verknübe pft

Hans-Guido Mücke wüwant to get that also heat warnings with tips verknüare pft. "Unfortunately, this is not yet nationwide. Bavaria is a positive exception." Who there für his place of residence with a warning erhält, you must only once &ndash tap; and already popping up on the screen the recommendations of the zustäapply to your relevant state office. "Much of this information is trivial, but you should für all Bütrouble easily zugäoriginally sein", M&uuml says;cke.

To gehören Ratschläas in the heißen hours on köphysical Aktivität möto waive as far as possible, to stay out of the sun, in kümiss Rätrees to stop and drink plenty of. A point is missing, according to Matzarakis. And the DWD experts are particularly important: "If we warn, is a demand for a good neighborhood for help." His advice: ask how to do it the other, whether you für him Einkäufe üaccept can.

Germany will have to adapt in the long term to the summer heat

Warnings, tips, and mutual aid are important. However, in the medium and long term, Germany höhere summer temperatures adjust mü. Darüabout all agree. The most Gro&szlig have;städte protection strategies developed, research projects angestoßs, Workshops are organized.

"However, neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and France are already much further. You have Hitzeaktionspläne formulated and implemented. We have, however, Vergleichbares&quot nationwide still nothing;, criticized Mücke.

And the 15 years after the date of the worst heat of the summer. Since last year, there are at least recommendations, all decision makers in the Bundesläcountries and communities to help to plan adjustments to health and durchzuführen.

To zäthe hlt Kümisconduct of Gebäuden about by Rollläthe and awnings, but also the transformation of whole urban districts, so that they heat up in the summer, less. And in hospitals, retirement and nursing homes for rehabilitation, consideration should be given to the installation of air conditioning systems.

The Ausstoß of greenhouse gases should be reduced

"However, this is not a free letter für Klimaanlagen", M&uuml stresses;cke, which has contributed to the recommendations. Because, first, the Ger&auml transport;te the Wärme according to draußs and heating the Städte further on. Secondly, they consume electricity in Germany üabout 50 percent is obtained by the Burning of coal and natural gas. While greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide &ndash arise; the causes of climate change. 

The Ausstoß stagnant in recent years in Germany, instead of falling. Already in the Sondierungsgesprächen CDU, CSU and SPD, adopted from the target, the amount of up to the year 2020, 40 percent gegenüto reduce ber 1990. Also the coalition agreement, a clear Plan of how the power consumption and the carbon dioxide is missing-Ausstoß reduced, criticized the Federal für nature and environmental protection in Germany.

"Climate change is a particular threat to Health f&uuml is;r us, therefore, müwe shot in Germany, more than in the past dafür do to the Ausstoß to reduzieren&quot of greenhouse gases;, warns Mücke. Also hädependent on how very old and frail people küin the future under the extreme heat of the summer will suffer.

The global consequences of climate change

The inhabitants of Kiribati are already preparing for their resettlement. Because rising sea levels and increasingly intense storm surges, such as in the März 2015 will make the Pacific island nation in three decades, uninhabitable.

Global köcould be up to 140 million people, especially in Südasien, Latin America and Africa, their homeland, to give up müshit, if no adjustments to climate change, writes the world Bank in a recent Report.

The world health organization anticipates that by 2030 up to 2050, with jäannually, around 250 000 Todesfäcases arising from climate change. The causes are Fehlernäcurrency, diarrhoeal diseases, Malaria and heat stress.

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