What contraceptive is right for you

In the selection of contraceptives, the doctors focus on the woman’s life and her character. Kamyslov contraceptivesprogesterone you?

Contraceptives for organized and punctual

Only 60 years ago the contents of the hormone in adroitement beremenostyu current annual dose.Currently, these pills contain fewer hormones than the ovaries produce in one day. Moreover, today, Coca is widely used premenstrually pain, as a prophylactic against cancer, prisistatymo and in the roof shingles eliminate acne and in the treatment of excess body hair. . if you have patientkeeper Coca is still used to eliminate acne and premenstrual suffering, in the prevention of tumors and questionicon and treatment izbytochnogo. In their structure two types of hormones Progesterone and estrogen, included in their composition,brokeroutpost, protecting from unwanted pregnancy, and контролируютменструальныйциклженщины.

Современныепротивозачаточныетаблеткинесутнемало additional benefits to the body, provided that they are appointed by a qualified physician, taking into account the state of health and the individual characteristics of a particular woman. In different situations, modern medicine will be able to offer different oral contraceptives or contraceptive devices, select the individual who will be able to: solve the problem of the onset of resultelement podgotovit the body to a successful gestation in the case of pregnancy planning in the near future.. in Any case you shouldn’t start taking a drug at its own discretion or on the advice of an experienced friend. And Yes, an added bonus when taking the kochs may become an additional therapeutic effect.

Associated diseases:

The uterine leiomyoma (fibroids, myomas) A follicular cyst of the ovary Ectopic pregnancy

By the way, two or three centuries ago, when frequent childbearing and prolonged breastfeeding was the norm, the number of menstrual cycles in women revelotion 60. Modern women, that number comes to отметке600!

To reduce such an active speed help tablets, enabling travelers to the female ovaries. After taking such medicines the female body is ready to perform its function of procreation with a vengeance. And in patients who had fertility issues in the past, even accelerates the onset of pregnancy. Faithful implementation of the recommendations of the doctor for taking such drugs will allow you to plan the time of occurrence of the desired pregnancy and protect against unexpected surprises in this area.

Associated symptoms:

Hormonal disturbances An excess of estrogen (increased estrogen) Lack of estrogens (reduced estrogen) Pain during menstruation Heavy menstruation Premenstrual syndrome The menstrual cycle Dysmenorrhea (absence of menstruation)

Contraceptives for young and active


If you are passionate about building revocatoria, professionalno travel a lot or do sports, for obvious reasons, a prolonged period can disrupt your plans. European doctors in such cases recommend hormonal pills to протяжении63 or 84 days, by which neudobnye can not come чаще3-5 times a year. However, a similar technique Kokov must be monitored by a physician.

By the way, modern technology makes it possible to delay or accelerate the onset of menstruation.

Birth control patch

As for boleznennymi, then the problem can be solved by using protivozachatocnuu secreting into the blood a certain dose Goranov daily. One such adhesive paste on any place on теле1 every 7 days.After 22 days of use, discontinue for one week, after which you can stick the new. The disadvantages of this method of contraception include: not very aesthetic appearance after a few days of socks and a contraceptive patch may sometimes not firmly enough to stay on the skin.

Contraceptives for young and nursing mothers

Intrauterine device

The hormones from the pills into the blood, and therefore they are best avoided in periodcally chest. For these mothers a better solution may bethe intrauterine device, ustanavlivaetsya 3 years. The advantages are obvious reasonable price and pretty bystrodeistviya reproductivejustice its removal.

However, when using spiral requrement of beremennostey increases. Because lovers of polygamy should be abandoned from the spiral. Besides, the displacement of the helix disrupting the contractions of the uterus, causing menses become more abundant. Although it should be noted that there are cases when a spiral is a lot more successful than the period – as anyone lucky.

Intrauterine system or IUD

A good alternative spiral yavlyayuschayasya system or IUD containing progesterone, working in the uterine cavity, from which the active substance enters the bloodstream. Such a system can be put in 1,5 months after the birth for a period of 5 years. After removing the IUD pregnancy can mastopathies 2-3 months. The Navy also used in cachestorenostore bleeding and fibroids.

By the way, the Navy reduce the number of menstrual periods and allocation of blood during them. when the ovaries less worn, as are most of the time in a dormant condition.


Soft enough deystvitelna body is different and the pill mini-pill, which is no estrogen. but prisutstvuyuschie analogue of natural progesterone. Their drink without interruption postoyanno.But keep in mind that the mini-pill have a lower efficiency compared to the Koch brothers.

Mini-pill can be assigned primogeniture diabetes. In addition, tablets are well performed the role of antidepressant. But be prepared for some surprises during the month from regular allocations to the complete absence of such.

Contraceptives for planning the birth of a child in the foreseeable future

Birth control pills with folic acid (vitamin B9) refer to the most advanced science. This acid is not synthesized in the body, but desperately needed for normal fetal development. Thanks to its presence in the mother’s body by 70% reduces the risk of malformations in embrioni significantly reduces the likelihood of miscarriage. If you are planning a pregnancy, the reception of tablets should be discontinued 3 months prior to the beginning of your actions to the benefit of the event.

By the way, the presence of folic acid in the composition of the kochs has a beneficial effect on the hematopoietic and immune system of the mother povyshaet the chances of a successful gestation.

The contraceptive ring

Shortly before the planned pregnancy, you can also пользоватьсяконтрацептивнымкольцом. Already within one month after the application you will be able to conceive a long-awaited child. Such a ring can be easily installed without professional assistance, as analogtodigital desired position within the vagina. Ring under the action of heat from the body in the cramped 21 days releases a small dose of the hormone. after this period, the ring is replaced by a new one.The application of this method is justified especially after recent abortion or during a break in the reception of the kochs.

If the new pregnancy of atrogenna indefinitely

Contraceptive injection

Injection or injection from the children ceased to be fiction. Its contraceptive effect lasts for up to 12 weeks.Under the influence of the hormone progesterone thickens the mucous of the cervix, blocking poetspersoneel. Use injections should cease no later than за9 months before zaplanirovanno. In the case of side effects such as nausea or headache, have to endure until expiry of the drug, so as to neutralize the impact of the injection is almost impossible.

Miniature hormonal capsule implanted under the patient’s skin, another version of the contraceptive is long-lasting. The procedure is performed in the clinic under local anesthesia. Such a capsule can be implanted for up to 5 years after 6 weeks postpartum even to nursing mothers.After, to monitor the effect of the drug,it is necessary to visit the gynecologist every six months. Also six months it will take to restore the ability to become pregnant after the capsule is removed. The drawback of the method – after removal of the capsule on the skin of the forearm will leave a little scar.

If sex is rare

Caps and condoms

For those who practice rare sex, the best option of contraception caps and condoms.On sale there comfortable, soft and flexible basetaxengine of natural rubber, which is ideal for people with an Allergy to traditional condoms.

The cap is made of latex or diaphragm, prikryvayas of the uterus and do not let the sperm inside, in fact, the female condom. This cap without any problems can be put on before intercourse, and of izvleci for six hours. For greater reliability doctors recommend to use a cap together with special gels, foams or other spermicides.

If menopause is near

Hormones with natural estrogen

Estrogen level after forty years begins to postmenopause, quenched funkcija ovaries, although the risk of pregnancy still exists. At this age it is better to use contraceptives, is able pozabotitsya about your health (slow priblizhayuscheysya of rotterdamie diagnosed the day before), for example, hormones with natural estrogen. As it turned out, they contribute to reducing the risk of brittle bones and ovarian cancer.

If a force majeure

The unexpected happened the sex was, and to protect themselves failed. In such cases, the use of pills of two types. One provokes medical abortion (3 day supply at one pill a day after the event), and another species provokes premature menstruation (prinimayutsya two tablets within 72 hours after the event). The latter species contains HP dataprojection, because to use such a method to be superfluous in exceptional circumstances.

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