What is the semen reveals about the health of

Changes in the semen color, smell and consistency can be warning signs for diseases – such as liver problems, sexually transmitted diseases, or high blood pressure. Sometimes only certain foods are the cause, or the last ejaculation back over a number of days.

Suddenly, the semen looks different than usual, or smells may be unpleasant. Changes in the sperm, but mainly traces of blood, and unsettle men’s massif. The secret fear of men: What is the health problem behind it, perhaps prostate cancer or a sexually transmitted disease?

Caution if, in addition, these symptoms occur

First the good news: Most of the time it is not a serious disease, if the ejaculate has changed. As a rule of thumb: the difference is more than a week or fever, chills, swelling, itching, or pain, you should consult a urologist.

Smell and color of semen

If the color and smell of the ejaculate change, for the different causes in question, from harmless to serious. The most common abnormalities and possible triggers:

Traces of blood, brown or pink streaks in semen

  • Sexually transmitted disease, such as gonococci (gonorrhea, the clap) or chlamydia
  • Inflammation of the prostate gland
  • Prostate enlargement
  • high blood pressure, the finest Veins in the prostate gland burst
  • Prostate cancer (very rare)

Semen is discolored yellowish

  • Foods that contain a high proportion of artificial dyes of Yellow and Orange
  • Venereal diseases
  • Liver disease such as jaundice

Greenish Discoloration

This color difference indicates that in the vast majority of cases, a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea.

Ejaculate crystal clear instead of milky white

In addition, the ejaculate can be suddenly crystal clear. This is an indication that a body of the efferent seed paths is closed. Trigger for infections of the epididymis, the seminal vesicle, or the VAS deferens.

These factors also come as the cause in question, if the amount of sperm decreases suddenly, or the orgasm runs out dry, i.e. without ejaculation.

Unpleasant smell of the ejaculate by certain foods

Smell semen evil, as an indication of inflammation, or venereal disease. But there are also harmless causes of this. Thus, the degradation products, the following foods can affect the smell of sperm temporarily negative:

  • Garlic
  • Asparagus
  • Cabbage

Clumpy semen, small amount of

Are insecure men in addition, if semen is liquid, but lumpy. The reason for this is mostly harmless, namely, that the last ejaculation was a long time ago. Then the seeds thickens the liquid somewhat.

Also, the amount and the force with which the sperm during orgasm, the Penis shoots that can change, by the way. However, these variants usually occur gradually and are part of the normal aging process. Sometimes it’s also simply because the pelvic floor muscles are strong enough. Special Exercises for the pelvic floor muscles of a man can be balanced and thus the character of the age to reduce.

The most important facts about sperm

Normally, sperm is milky white and smells slightly nutty. In the literature, the is often compared with the scent of chestnut blossoms, the smell is just the least know but probably.

The ejaculate consists of secretions of the bladder, epididymis, prostate and seminal. In the gel-like fluid, which, after a few minutes, always liquid, sperm, fat, fruit, sugar and mineral substances. Depending on how long the last ejaculation, the amount of different size, on average, the equivalent of half a teaspoon. The ejaculate shoots with an average speed of ten miles an hour from the Penis.

Less sperm during ejaculation

The proportion of sperm in the ejaculate has decreased in men in the last decades and more than 60 percent. The two biggest enemies of healthy sperm can affect the man himself. The are Smoking and Obesity, as many studies prove. In the third place, certain substances from plastic materials, plasticizers (phthalates). You are already in the world in the blood of men and women.

Conclusion: It is for every man of sense, his cum a bit more attention to give. Sometimes it comes to changes that may be signs of a disease. As a sign of alarm for deviations of the color and the smell apply, especially if pain or perhaps a fever will come, so the signs of inflammation. Then man should not hesitate to contact a urologist. In most other cases, however, transient abnormalities, which are triggered by certain foods or prolonged periods of sexual abstinence.