With a simple Trick you can fight mouth odour – Video

To brush twice a day teeth, for many, of course. When oral hygiene is forgotten, however much to often the tongue. FOCUS-Online-dental expert, Markus F. Felber explains why you should use this but be sure to also maintain.

Tongue cleaners are absolutely necessary for the oral hygiene – however, these are not used as often as the toothbrush.

This could be a Problem, because there is not just a Plaque on the teeth, but it can also form Plaque on the tongue. These bacteria you should remove, according to FOCUS Online-the dental experts Markus F. Felber once a day.Best offer on BestCheck.de

For the tongue of maintenance, you should cleaner the tongue, tongue scraper called, in the posterior third of the tongue start and after each Scrape, rinse.

The advantage of a regular tongue cleaning, you have to feel a significantly improved Taste, and you will get fresher breath. The tongue cleaning should disappear when you get Up in the pale taste in the mouth. Dental insurance: complete now, for your worry-free Smile! 

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