Woman is wearing a penis mask, in order for people to get close to them – thousands are thrilled

From far away it looks like flowers Mindy would decorate Vincent’s mask. But there are penises. “If someone tells me that my mask louder penises, would I let them kindly know that I am this way, that you are too close, and you can kindly fuck to keep our distance,” writes the winner on Facebook. Your Posting sparked great enthusiasm. More than 416.000 people have shared it so far.

Behold! My masks have arrived! I wore this to Walmart and petco yesterday. When someone tells me my mask has penises on it,…

Many of the plan also such a mask has been bought. One suggests that men should also decorate with Vagina masks. This dream must remain a dream: The penis masks-winner Mindy Vincent has shared a Link to the Website of your Non-Profit organization. There are a number of masks are available. In addition to her, a small, colorful Vaginas, one with a lot of small Breasts, and yet another – very nice – with the angels of God in heaven-penises-the-fly wings decorated.

The money for the masks goes to a Non-Profit organization

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Mask duty: As transport companies and markets, equip – and what it means for you

The money for the masks for the benefit of Vincent’s organization, which is dependent, among other things, for drugs and HIV Patients uses. To this, Vincent also takes care of currently, which is why she wears quite a mask while working. “I am overwhelmed by the responses and how many people have shared my Post. It was never my Intention to sell masks,” said Vincent of the “New York Post”.

It was the idea of her son. Now the masks are so popular that Vincent has left on your Website a note. From now on, First come, first served. The penis masks sewed Vincent, by the way, but China ordered. This, she says, was just the fastest solution.

Sources: Facebook/Mindy Vincent, “New York Post”

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