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Whether as an intimate love expressions of today, on Valentine’s day, or just on a whim: A kiss takes an average of twelve seconds, and sets a lot in motion. Because each meeting of two pairs of Lips countless messengers are exchanged substances, but also bacteria and other germs. What happens if there is a kiss in our body else, explains Professor Bernhard Baune, Director of the clinic for Mental health at the University hospital of Münster (UKM).

Prof. Baune, why küwe left?

While Kissing, very different things happen to Kiss with us and our Motivation, is directed of: You want to come to any other people, exchange ideas and either know better or the relationship to intensify. You can also a mood, a certain feeling of happiness out &ndash kiss;… for example, now to carnival. There’s a certain willingness to acknowledge this feeling of happiness through the kiss, so to speak, and to arrange, if possible, by the responded to the kiss last longer then prior to.

What exactly happens when you Küshot with us?

What is happening in the body and in the brain, is primarily explained biochemically. Kissing is a great Cocktail is set to hormones. The most important of these are the Oxytocin that is a bonding hormone that is released, especially in the case of existing partnerships, not only when Kissing, but also touching. The typical stress hormones such as Cortisol and cortisone are reduced only once. Anyone who has been in love once knows that When you go, so to speak, with butterflies in my stomach to the Partner or to the partner and then – if the kiss occurs – much relaxed. Not to the dopamine for the feeling of happiness is appreciated. The will be paid directly to the Kiss and gives people a feeling like on cloud 7.

How hygienic a kiss is üin General?

The Kiss also bacteria and viruses to be exchanged. Depending on the intensity of the kiss, it is estimated that as up to 40,000. In this respect, you should kiss good think about who or what you are. The important message is that Kissing can also contribute to a strengthening of the immune system. Either, because the exchange of the bacteria, the immune system is stimulated. But also the already-mentioned stress reduction leads to a strengthening of the immune system. The bottom line is that Kissing is probably in 90 percent of cases, a good thing!


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