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Work, family appointments, meetings and important – normally, the everyday life of many people is structured and follows a clear set of routines.

However, the Coronavirus and the mitigation measures have changed the life of people.

Especially for couples, the Corona-Isolation represents a major challenge. While have seen many couples often only in the Morning and evening, you spend a sudden the entire day together in the own four walls.

But how to prevent in this time, problems and disputes?

Thus, relations with the Corona-survive Isolation, couples can take some measures to prevent conflicts and to strengthen the partnership even in the long term.

1. Communicate with each other

Whether or not Corona-crisis or non – communication should be in all phases of a relationship in the first place, in order to create conflicts and problems as quickly as possible from the world.

A clarifying conversation remains, is bottled up the frustration and can lead to a big fight.

Due to the lock downs many couples spend more time together and learn about other sides of your Partner to get to know – which could possibly lead to new disputes.

But instead of anger or frustration, and couples should seek as early as possible, a conversation and a solution to the Problem.

It is recommended to have a day time schedule, to talk to each other and to refrain from the Stress of everyday life.

The problems or feelings but not always with the relationship – the Corona-crisis can be a reason for a lightening talk.

2. New Learning Phase

Butterflies in the stomach, and romantic evenings – at the beginning of a relationship, one learns every day new properties to its partners, which amplifies usually the attraction to each other.

However, in the Stress of everyday life and less and less time for togetherness and getting to Know his opponent remains.

But now, the day offers an incredible amount of time spent together – this is a special opportunity for couples. Instead of taking the time to sit through, you can meet try to meet the needs and interests of the other better.

You can make the time together more enjoyable and can also benefit the Corona-crisis of it.

3. Each other love

The time together at home does not necessarily mean that you have to spend the entire day together.

Instead, couples should plan aware of the times in which you give your attention exclusively to the Partner.

Whether it be a romantic Dinner, a movie night or a long walk in the fresh air – the ways of love are refresh in a relationship with no limits.

It is exactly the right time, to remember the first few months of the relationship and to conjure up with a compliment, a Smile in the face of the partner.

Important: cell phones or other distractions have no place.

4. Feelings reveal

No Meeting friends, no leisure activities, and also the mask of duty has an impact on social interaction – this is a difficult time for many emotions triggers. Emotions such as anger, frustration or sadness are completely normal.

However, it is not important that these emotions affect the accumulation and the mood permanently. Both partners should be now there for each other and the feelings of the other perceive.

Often a quiet conversation or a little distraction can be a great support.

5. Routines create

In the Corona-crisis of the everyday life of many people is marked by uncertainty, the usual routines can, finally, take place hardly.

Many people have no solid structure in their daily lives, instead, they spend a lot of time on the Couch or on your Smartphone.

Who wants to support his relationship at this time, should also pay attention now, on a structural daily life. By fixed timetables and goals, you will feel automatically happier, and takes this positive mood with in the partnership.

In the day-to-day life can do for a short time happy, because you are relaxed from your usual Stress. However, over the Corona-insulation, more and more frustration and boredom builds up, the dispute is then programmed often.

6. Error accept

The left harness or the forgotten garbage in this time, the error of the partner and often lead to disputes.

Couples should therefore try to behaviors that interfere with the Partner, in the Corona-Isolation and more understanding for each other.

7. Time-outs plan

In addition to the togetherness is another factor plays an essential role in the Corona to survive Isolation, together: “time-outs”.

In a partnership, it is important to aware of the times scheduled for the own needs and to take a break from the Partner.

Whether a relaxing bath or a book – is the most important thing at the Met-Time, you make yourself happy and with a positive mood to his Partner returns.

Time-outs to are, of course, two partners and should, accordingly, be respected. It is not a sign of dislike, but the opportunity to strengthen a relationship in the long term.

Michelle Steinmetz

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