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How, please, toothpaste, a animal is now the product? Sounds weird, but: Yes! Because even if toothpaste is made mostly of artificial materials, it can contain accessories, which are of animal origin. And that makes toothpaste for all Vegans to a complicated and No-Go product.

Animal products in a vegan toothpaste

The animal additives in toothpaste don’t exactly sound appetizing: If bone meal (as an abrasive), Lactoferrin (a whey-derived Protein with anti-bacterial effect) or beeswax – these substances are actually common in toothpastes. These additives will not harm us, who would like to eat 100 percent vegan, too, can do well without it. (Can a vegan diet be dangerous? We clarify all the questions)

How do I know vegan toothpaste?

These animal accessories do not have to be in the dental creams contain, because now there are just as good, non-animal Alternatives. Thus, all the additives do not have to always be on the toothpaste read, are vegan toothpastes usually marked conspicuously. “To be sure, make sure it is best to seal with a green V on yellow Background,” explains Dr. Mirela-Oana Nilius, a specialist for aesthetic dentistry, children’s dentistry and orthodontics in Dortmund.

Vegan toothpaste is just as good as “normal”?

“Basically, vegan tooth cleaning pastes as well as other creams, but some manufacturers skimp on fluoride,” says the expert. However, this should not necessarily be included so that the tooth enamel is sufficiently strengthened and painful tooth decay can be prevented. “Alternatives such as the ingredient hydroxyapatite location not according to the current Study, however, the same efficacy.” This means that the tooth pastes the teeth thoroughly clean, but they are not as effective against tooth decay protect. (Makes the meat of us weak? Everything about the Netflix documentary “The Game Changers” read here)

The dental care floss

The use of animal products does not end, however, in the case of the toothpaste: “dental floss is nowadays mostly made of Nylon and real silk. The variant should be coated from a plastic, however, with beeswax, code manufacturer drawing, this is usually noticeable as a special quality feature,” says Dr. Nilius.

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