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Abdominal exercises for the home, there are many, but an Exercise is a special challenge: the Plank. Who wants to put in his abdominal muscles new stimuli, for this Plank Workout is the perfect choice.

Our Coach LeaLight shows you in her new Youtube Video different variations of the Plank, with which you meet in your Core each muscle fiber – muscle soreness is inevitable!

The Best: For this intensive abdominal Workout you need only six minutes of your time.

With these 6 Exercises to tighten stomach

The entire Workout consists of six Exercises in which you get to know different variants derPlank and imitate me.

Whether in the living room or in the apartment corridor – to bring your abdominal muscles correctly to Burn, you only need a little space.

Since you have to support you in some of the Exercises on your forearms, you should have a document, like a training Mat, and integrate this into your Workout and then it can start already.

Here’s how: The entire Workout takes about six minutes long and includes six different Exercises. Each Exercise is performed for 45 seconds and ends with a Pause of 15 seconds.

1. Plank

Old but gold – the Workout begins with the classic Plank. This allows you to place your palms shoulder-width and stretch your legs to the rear. The hips during the Exercise to shoulder height.

Attempts, during the execution of the collect in your navel, so that voltage builds up on your abdominal muscles. Now it’s keep.

Make sure to keep your body tension during execution time, so that your back remains straight.

2. Hip Dips

For the second Exercise, you change the Position, by you release your elbows and your lower arms supports. Here, too, the forearms shoulder-width apart and your legs are fully extended to the rear.

Now you start your hips in a direction of lowering. If you have utilized your entire range of motion, you begin with the upward movement and allows the hips in the other direction and glide. Thus, the respective lateral abdominal muscles repeatedly alternate.

Make sure that you are doing a controlled down and up movement, allowing you to work without momentum.

3. Shoulder Taps

With the third Exercise you move from land back to your hand, and put this shoulder-width apart underneath you. After you have built up your Body, you start tapping with one Hand on the opposite shoulder, so that the load is only on the up a Hand.

Now both arms alternate for 45 seconds. Eighth, during the entire execution of your hip is stable, by making you aware of your body tension focus.

4. Plank Jumps

With the fourth Exercise, you will change again in the elbow position and shift your weight on the forearms. With the legs extended, you will build again the tension in your body.

Now the actual Jumps start. For this purpose, opening and closing your legs in a dynamic movement, while your torso remains stable.

5. Side Plank with Hip Dips (right)

For the fifth and actually, the last Exercise you based on what you want to your elbows. However, you lean to the right forearm, so that you occupy a lateral Position.

The feet you put on top of each other, so that your body forms a Straight line. The free Hand during the whole of the execution in direction of the ceiling.

Now you let your hips slow and controlled lowering and lift them until your body forms a Straight. The movement need not be large, because the focus should be mainly on the tension of the abdominal muscles.

6. Side Plank with Hip Dips (left)

After 45 seconds, the page begins to change. For this purpose, you turn to the other side of your exercise Mat and support your weight on your left forearm. The movement sequence remains the same.

So effective the abdominal Workout

With these six Exercises you will cover all areas of your abdominal muscles perfectly and make them new stimuli. All of this without gym equipment, dumbbells or other Equipment.

Six minutes is the maximum voltage for your abdominal muscles, but you still don’t have enough? No Problem. You can perform these six Exercises as often as you want in a row as you want and thus your Training is individually designed.

You all still not enough? Then power the Exercises in a row without a break. By now the muscle soreness is the next day felt.

Michelle Steinmetz

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