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Bulgarian Bag Suples Original Model

Bulgarian Bag



Before there were dumbbells and barbells, strongmen built muscle by lifting whatever heavy objects they could get their hands on—logs, large rocks, barrels of ale, even live animals. If your gym is edgy enough, you’ll have access to strength tools inspired by those ancient “odd objects,” including Atlas stones, water kegs, and perhaps most curious of all, Bulgarian bags.

Shaped like a crescent moon and inspired by the goat-and-sheep-hefting prowess of shepherds, the Bulgarian bag is essentially a re-engineered sandbag. Instead of containing a single bladder of sand, they’re usually filled with individually wrapped sand packets and padded with wool to create a solid, curved (typically goat leather) sack that’s more stable than a traditional duffel-shaped sandbag. The tool is also outfitted with several different handles and straps that make it ideal for its intended purpose: Performing explosive, full range of motion exercises that can help you build functional strength and power from head to toe.

Your move: Weave Bulgarian bags into your workouts a couple of times a week if you have access to them—or want to fork out the money to buy your own (be sure get a couple of different weights to challenge different muscle groups).

You can use them to perform classic exercises such as the squat and deadlift, but because the weight of each bag is set (i.e., you can’t increase the load like you can with a barbell), they typically work best for more dynamic moves such as the side swing and the halo-to-arm throw.

But also don’t hesitate to get creative with the tools. Hold one securely across your upper back and shoulders during plyometric moves such as the jump squat and split jump; drag it back-and-forth laterally beneath you during the plank; hug it to your chest as you perform the walking lunge. No matter how you work the Bulgarian bag into your routine, you’ll benefit from the variety it offers. And all of that swinging and rotating will pay off in a flatter, stronger, more chiseled core.

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