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The favorite series is streamed to the end, the apartment shines – but the last Meeting with friends or grandparents is or because of the corona of a crisis is difficult, if not impossible, to become.

So why not make changes without the danger of Contagion in a video chat meeting?

The video connection only between two people or two devices to take place, often enough, also the Messenger App that you use anyway.

But a lot of programs and Apps can now switch on significantly more than two devices for a video call together.

It’s an App that you have installed in the Smartphone or Tablet you already have everything you need to get you started. In terms of computers, most are using a Notebook computer in which a Webcam is integrated.

Otherwise, PC to the Desktop: Webcam so that the video conference works. Optionally, a micro and speakers must be connected.

These five services can connect to entire families and circles of friends – and some of them even offer a few exciting special features.

1. Hangouts

Google’s communication platform, text messages, voice calls and video conferences – in the free edition for up to 10 participants. Practical: Hangouts runs on iOS and Android Smartphones and the computer in the Browser.

Each participant needs a Google account. If you like, you can link to his phone number and is then also found. Hangouts you can find in the App and Play Store, and the App selection in the Google account.

Rating: Works well for users with different device platforms, and Google account.

2. Facetime

Apple’s voice and video calls App is available on all Apple devices pre – loaded with and only works with them. For users of iPhone, iPad, Mac and co. can trigger very easy video conferences with your contacts.

This is either from the App itself, from a group chat or from the contacts directory. Face time calls are free of charge, in the mobile radio network, consume data, but the data volume.

Users will need at least an iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iOS 12.1.4. Anyone who has an older device that supports iOS 12.1.4, you can dial in so still, but then only as an audio guest.

Assessment: The easiest solution, if all Apple users are. It couldn’t be easier.

3. Skype

Almost a classic among the video telephony services on the Web. Up to 50 people can be switched to be a group call. Condition, the Skype App on your iOS or Android Smartphone or Tablets, or the full version on PC or Mac.

Also external users without Skype can be invited via a Link and then get on Skype for Web access. How to use Skype on your Smartphone and PC, you need a Skype or Microsoft account.

Rating: Handy for communication via the manufacturer – and device limits. Account necessary.

4. Whatsapp

Up to four participants can join in via the App with the green speech bubble together. To do this, one simply starts a call with the first Person and adds up to two more.

Or, select all of the contacts and starts a new call. It works with Android undiOS Smartphones. Who uses Android needs at least Version 4.1 of the operating system.

Evaluation: it Is widely used and works with iOS and Android, but the number of participants is limited.

5. Jitsi

This is a free and open-source service, (Bulgarian for “wires” or “pipes”) relies on the open Standard WebRTC and allows for encrypted communication between the participants.

Users can use it via Smartphone Apps for iOS and Android or in the Browser on the PC. Jitsi can also be in the collaboration software Slack integrate.

The features: text messaging, screen sharing, and video conferencing. Practically: You need no user account and can invite attendees, as in the case of Skype, simply via a Link.

Assessment: Practical, low-threshold, works on the device and manufacturer boundaries.

Tip: video conferencing via Wi-Fi

The best way to keep video chats and video-conferencing in Wi-Fi at home. Then the calls with the described Apps and services are free of charge and the Internet connection, the appropriate connection provided – most stable.

Along the way you will pay the monthly volume of data. And here is the video chat Apps are quite hungry. A Minute of video requires between 2.5 and 5 megabytes of data per Minute. Small contracts are as quick at the Limit.

In order for everything to work, you have installed all of the participants in the best the latest Version of the corresponding service or App. Who solutions such as Skype for Web or Jitsi uses Browser, you need a current Browser.

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