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Daniel Schmidt: “the soup today is a bit later…who wants a hot meal will have to wait a half hour longer. OK?”

Daniel Schmidt and his elbschloss Keller, you know on the Hamburg “Kiez”. Both of them are cult. However, the red light in the neighbourhood was switched off, the elbschloss Keller completed the first time ever – no Sex, no pleasure, in times of Corona-crisis, and in St. Pauli.

Daniel Schmidt: “the fact is simply that the Weakest in our society have the help they need.”

“Who, if not us” – under this Motto has turned Hamburg’s hardest Pub in the Corona-crisis in a soup kitchen and clothes closet for the homeless. Long before the food output to 12 o’clock a long queue of people – always within the safety distance of two meters forms in front of the “elbschloss Keller”, as it is part of the Corona-crisis. All waiting for a plate of warm soup or a new Sweater or a jacket out of the closet.

Daniel Schmidt: “We have a whole Store full of clothes and food, to which I have called on Facebook. I was surprised how much people have held.”

This weekend, Daniel Schmidt had begun to distribute with friends to eat, Drink, and clothing to the needy. With such a solidarity of self-the professional optimist from St. Pauli would not have expected.

Daniel Schmidt: “people have seen, doing a do the Right thing. It all held together. It is so big, I hired three new people. Of course, everything is according to regulations, the safety distance is complied with.”

220 kilograms of food were come to the beginning of the action together. While the output of food, Jackets, Blankets, pillows and sleeping bags, and was temporarily controlled by the police, whether the two-Meter safety distance to be complied with.

Daniel Schmidt: “I have no idea how long this goes on, I’ll be here at the Start for as long as I’m needed. As long as Corona is in all minds.”

Always been poor and people were on the margins of society to Daniel’s guests.

Daniel Schmidt: “Since we took over this Local has never asked the question of whether we do, and why. This is unspoken, this is just like that.

Spontaneously, has also declared his friend Markus Tuschy from the nearby “Hidden Kitchen” is ready to help.

O-Ton Markus Tuschy, Hidden Kitchen “There are many people worse off than me. People the ganr have no more Jobs. If I were to sit at home, I would turn.”

Who wants to help can register on the Facebook page of the “elbschloss Keller”. For the food supplies it had to be hot for the time being, “stop”.

Daniel Schmidt: “I’m going to call Stop on my Facebook page. We don’t want to throw away. This must be brought to the man.”

Daniel Schmidt: “I’m needed, so here I am!”