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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the couples out there, congrats on your love, we’re all so happy for you. Now, single people: hello, I hope you’re doing alright during this sensitive time. While you were just fine on February 13, the 14th of February has now made you painfully aware of your perpetual singledom.

But let’s be entirely clear here—there’s nothing wrong with being single, and many people are happily unattached and thriving. But if Valentine’s Day is a little rough for you—or you just want to commiserate with your single buddies—take a breather and laugh with these V-Day memes.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be checking my texts, DM’s, and emails all day:

Me checking if I got any texts, missed calls, snaps, or emails for Valentine’s day

#ForeverAlone is a lifestyle at this point:

Me, every Valentines day since 1994 #ValentineswithNobody

But at least there are ways to entertain yourself:

And food will always be there for you:

Me today spending #ValentinesWithNobody

Self-love is still the best love:

Single people spending #ValentinesWithNobody & with that new Pornhub premium all day like

Please refrain from sending that toxic text you want to send to your ex:

Happy Valentine’s Day. I seen your ig story. He got you roses and don’t even know you like tulips haha. Anyway Hope all is well

There’s always a silver lining in a dark cloud:

Me thinking about all the half price chocolate on Feb 15th… #ValentinesWithNobody 🤗

The next time someone asks, just say that you’re currently in a relationship with your career:

A friend just sent this to me. She does know me well! 😂#ValentinesDayMemes

Harry knows what it is:

Happy Valentine’s Day!😂❤️#Valentine2020 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDayMemes

It’s a little unorthodox, but it’s a pep talk nonetheless:

Me making myself feel better on Valentine’s Day#ValentinesDayMemes #ValentinesWithNobody

At least you tried bro:

You don’t care about Valentine’s Day but you do but you don’t:

Were all these couples this obnoxious yesterday?:

Treat yourself:

Surprise yourself too:

Life isn’t actually a Disney movie? I want a refund:

Flowers are overrated anyway:

The gym will never let you down!:

Well, when you put it that way….:

How rude of you to interrupt my nonsensical fantasy:

And even when you’ve given up on love, you still want your friends to find someone great:

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Happy Vday, ask that girl out don’t be scared guys.

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That is, if you have friends:

Just found out that wanting to fall in love without putting in any sort of effort isn’t a good strategy:

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Valentines Shmalentines 😒

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Brb, going to go ruin things with the one person that does like me:

But in the end, it’s nice knowing that Team Snapchat will always be there:

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