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Mindfulness not only helps to de-Stress and relax, but also to improve the sex life.

The so-called Mindful Sex is to focus on the own body and the Partner without pressure, a good Performance and deliver or the other to orgasm.

Because these thoughts can lead to Anxiety and pressure during Sex – and the impact on its quality. Who is faced with the constant thoughts of failure, is distracted and can’t commit to the Partner.

“The Mindful Sex, there are no goals. Also not a highlight – this is an Option, a choice. If you wish, it may happen after two or three hours. But there’s nothing on the you toward them“ that makes Sex Coach Diana Richardson clear in a Ted Talk.

So Mindful work Sex

Mindful Sex is no Sex practice, but rather a mental attitude. It comes to focus completely on the present Moment and to sense what is good for the body. Like a Meditation, it is about the Here and Now. Extraneous thoughts should be avoided.

“The attention is directed to the Inside of the body. The whole body is used as a sensitive Organ. It is to be more to Sex, than have Sex,“ says Richardson.

Together with the partners you take the time to feel every touch intensely and to enjoy. What is the reaction of your own body during Sex and like my partner?

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Mindfulness training for better Sex

To be able to Mindful Sex is really in the Moment, focused, help, mindfulness exercises and meditations. With small Mindfulness-units in everyday life, the attention can be strengthened, and the emotional well-being increased.

Mindfulness training has for women a positive effect on the sex life. A study by Brown University shows that women who meditate on a regular basis, react faster to sexual stimuli, and faster, to excited.

At the same time the consciousness of the body is strengthened and self-critical thoughts is reduced.

More self-love and acceptance of one’s own body, in turn, that can be felt during Sex comfortable and relax.

Mindfulness for erection problems

But also men increased mindfulness comes to Good – and can even help in Erectile dysfunction.

A pilot study with ten men suffering from a diagnosed erectile dysfunction, is the first evidence that a mixture of mindfulness exercises, Sex therapy and psychological support in a group can be used as a treatment of potency disorders.

Already ten minutes of the day, at which time for a Moment of mindfulness is taken, can have a positive effect on their sex life.


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