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Who is currently conducting a Corona-diary, making it easier to, in the case of infection, the health authorities work.

That could “definitely” makes sense, says researcher Viola pries guy. You, who has taken on which day recorded – and, possibly, where and for how long.

Information, whether inside or out contact, and a mask is worn, could help in the assessment of the risk of infection, explains the scientist from the Max-Planck-Institute for dynamics and self-organization in Göttingen.

Pries man deals with strategies to contain the Coronavirus.

The Federal centre for health education (BZgA) referred to demand this issue to the municipal health offices.

This could, where appropriate, provide information about what information they need to track potential chains of Infection.

Infection with AHA formula avoid

As a General rule: when In doubt, such notes continue to help the authorities maybe. More important, however, is that chains of Infection arising in the first place – you get infected or the Virus does not pass, if you have become infected but go unnoticed.

Therefore, the BZgA Director Heidrun Thaiss stresses the importance of the so-called AHA-formula. AHA stands for distance to other keep (at least 1.5 meters), hand-washing, and everyday wear a mask.

And who needs to cough or sneeze, turns away from other people and does it in the crook of your arm or in a paper bag the cloth which is disposed of directly.

Diary in contact with Infected

You had close contact to a demonstrably infected Person, recommends the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is the Result of a diary.

You should make a note of any symptoms, body temperature, and activities, as well as contacts to other up to 14. The day after the last contact. Kisses count as a close contact.

The RKI provides online information on the tracking of contact persons and the example of such a diary available.

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