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It’s all fun in the sun until you get a sunburn. There are so many ways to protect your little one while you’re outside at the beach, the playground, or the park during the sunny spring and summer days. One of the most effective ways to keep them shielded from harsh UV rays is by having them wear a protective hat that covers their entire face. With so many styles, colors, and features, it’s easy to find the best sun hat for kids that will do the job.

Whether you want something that’s bright and floral for your fashionable girl or something blue for your little boy, there are plenty of options to meet your kids’ sun style. Plus, many have UV protection of UPF 50+ on the hats for extra protection. Below, we’ve scoped out the best sun hats for kids so you can get outside faster!

1. Disney Boonie Hat

If you have a Disney fan on your hands, there really isn’t another sun hat option to choose besides this adorable pink boonie hat. Complete with Mickey and Minnie mouse on the front of the hat, this is one of the best sun hats for kids thanks to its playful and fun design. The drawstring closure allows your little one to make sure it fits securely so it doesn’t fall off while playing in the sand or at the playground. Made from long-lasting cotton, this durable hat will last for years of fun — from Disneyland trips to a day at the beach.

2. Connectyle Summer Hat for Kids

For a boost of sun protection, opt for this Connectyle hat for kids, which comes with UPF 50+ protection, so your little one is extra secure. This ultra protective hat is breathable, comfortable, and has an extra layer of sun shielding. Plus, it comes with an adjustable drawstring so you can customize the fit to your kid’s liking so it doesn’t fall off or feel too tight while they’re playing in the sun. With an extra-wide brim, this safety hat will block the sun from all angles of their face and head. Available in a variety of fun colors, there’s a style for every kiddo, which makes it one of the best sun hats for kids.

3. Sun Protection Zone Safari Hat

Take your little one on an adventure with this safari-ready sun hat. Decorated with friendly-looking sharks and a bright blue color, you can also easily spot this visible hat from afar, so you can keep track of your ever-moving kid. This best sun hat for kids features UPF 50+ for an extra layer of sun protection, so you can have peace of mind while playing in the sun. With an adjustable chin strap, you can ensure that it will properly fit your kid without falling off while they’re having fun. Made from protective microfiber and mesh, it’s also ultra lightweight so it won’t weigh him down.

4. Jan and Jul Cotton Sun Hat

This hat’s design is the cherry on top of its high-quality design (sorry, we had to!). Best of all, it’s just as protective as it is stylish. Equipped with UPF 50+, your little one will have an extra safety measure when it comes to staying out of harsh UV ray’s way. It’s made with 100% cotton, so it will feel soft and breathable on your little one’s head. Along with the adjustable chin strap, the head is fully adjustable as well so it can grow with your child (instead of having to get rid of their new favorite hat). This is one of the best hats for kids because it will fit newborns to kids up to 12 years old.

5. SimpliKids Hat

Not all hats protect the same, and that rings true with this nifty baby sun hat, which features an extra flap for the neck, so your little one’s neck doesn’t get burned either. With UPF 50+ protection, they’ll also have more protection than just fabric covering their head, face, and neck. Perfect for all-day sun protection, these hats come in multiple fun colors for every baby’s style. With the wide brim and adjustable drawstring head size and adjustable chin strap, your little one’s comfort will always be a priority, which is why this is one of the best sun hats for kids you can find.

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