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What can be done with the own time of the big do, if not only the possibilities for sporting activities are limited, but also for trips, shopping spree and even for the Meeting of friends?

The much increased use of streaming services is to ensure at least a partial answer.

In addition, the Germans seem also to have been resorted to, perhaps out of boredom or frustration – more food.

Or another way: Many of them have maintained the usual eating behavior, but because of the curfew less moves and zack, you are quickly in the calorie surplus.

Who is a day over its total sales and that, over a longer period of time, but also small pockets of fat.

The results of a Civey survey, in cooperation with FIT FOR FUN shows anyway, to be representative, a large part of the German population has on the Corona-crisis weight.

A third of the population has increased

5.002 persons obtained in the investigation period from 06.05. to 12.05. Position on the question of how their weight had changed during the Corona pandemic.

While a good half of the respondents remained with their weight as equal to the information lost at least 15 percent over the Lockdown of weight. More than twice, namely, about 30 percent said to have about the crisis and gained weight.

Especially Middleager between 40 and 49 years of age have said that they would have recognized additional Kilos.

In contrast, the proportion of people who had hardly noticed the weight change was in the over 65-year-old persons, and comparatively large.

Here, one might suspect that the Corona-meant measures for older people might be less change in your exercise routine than it is for younger generations, which are relatively frequent in sports facilities active and your Sport could be enjoyed now, in the last time.

Women participated in the Corona-crisis more

Comparing the answers of the subjects in relation to the sexes of a fall: With around 34 percent, mostly women, have increased compared to men with approximately 26 percent.

That’s not all.

Men have not only increased a total of rare, but even increasingly diminished in the past few weeks.

Have eaten the women in the Lockdown Phase, more than their men, or less than these moves?

Probably neither, since men have generally more muscle mass than women, this now but, on average, less exercise and were able to build up, it is likely that the weight loss of the men is mainly the result of dwindling muscle mass.

Where are the changes in weight?

In addition to the Declaration of dwindling muscle mass, especially in relation to men, can also be used for the increased cases of weight gain reasons find.

One is, of course, that the Corona-crisis, the total revenue of many a German has changed. Fitness clubs and sports clubs were closed, sports classes and team sports, and deleted, and also the way to work is no longer an option for many these days.

The body needs less energy than normally. But the diet spontaneously to the new Situation, do not take lightly.

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In addition, there is another obvious explanation. For who does not know, finally, that you eat out of boredom, suddenly more than usual?

After all, a positive side-effect of the above futterten have extra pounds, but now, If in the course of further loosening of the Corona-measures, the sports facilities, more and more in their normal operation, return the surplus in Calories is perfect for building muscle!

Larissa Bright Mouth

*The Contribution Of “Comfort Eating?: Why women especially during the Corona-crisis increase” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.