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Half a Million people ill in Germany every year of cancer. Many have been Affected in the circle of friends or family. On the occasion of world cancer day FOCUS Online offers a reader-phone: Oncologist Brigitte Schwikowski-Kukla and your Team of Doctors from the German cancer research center (DKFZ) answer of 10 to 13, at for free your questions.

On the phone you can ask for free your questions about the disease – Doctor Brigitte Schwikowski-Kukla you answer together with your Team of Doctors from the phone service of the cancer information service of the DKFZ live.

The phone number we publish here starting at 10 am.

Cancer is one of for many of the diseases that you fear the most. Although the chances of Survival and treatment options are steadily improving: in Many cases, Doctors are able to diseases, cancer today, slow down, or even to heal, which meant a few years ago the death.

For other types of cancer, the chances are still a little good, a cure is difficult, if not impossible. Many of the questions patients and their families, but every cancer. Therefore, FOCUS offers Online today, the reader phone.

The most frequently asked questions will be publishing FOCUS Online, in retrospect, together with the answers of the expert. The caller remains anonymous.

For more information on the disease, as well as the offer of help from the cancer information service, see and by Email at [email protected]

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