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Many people ask for longer-lasting headache, stomach ache or back problems prefer the Internet before they consult a doctor. However, this is not necessarily helpful: In a study among young adults in five minutes of Internet research, submitted already in order to reinforce their concern.

For the study, researchers from the University of Cologne were 79 young adults – a age group which usually little concern for your health makes – five minutes after a personal Symptom in the Internet. This short Research was the study participants, in order to be then because of their symptoms more worried. Particularly pronounced the effect was, if you were already in front of the search in a negative mood.

Almost every second German searches in the network for health-related topics

Not only websites, the serious disease described by images, but also the informed, restrained, and moderate on less serious diseases, have increased the concern of the participants. Accordingly, the Internet did not search, the study participants felt after safer.

46 percent of Germans are to be informed regularly about health topics on the Internet. Whether this is to the development of disease, fear – hypochondria called – is, the study carried out, however, not derive a long-term study would be required.


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