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It’s no secret: the most beautiful thing in the world, women are generally less likely to climax than men.

A Kamasutra-sex position is to create orgasm-Gap remedy:

The butterfly position promises to be an intense experience for both partners – the woman, however particularly on your costs.

Guide to butterfly position

In the butterfly position, the woman lays back and spreads her legs. They can be classic in the bed or on a other increase, for example, a low table or a Sofa.

The Partner puts himself in front of his Sweetheart, grabs her legs or puts them on his shoulders and penetrates into you. To each other, should begin with the man with slight shock, before he increases the pace and intensity slowly.

With a pillow under the butt is taken care of for additional comfort. But why the butterfly is the position of the alleged Holy Grail of the female orgasm?

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Double Stimulation

The sexposition brings several advantages for the woman. In a relaxed position to be stimulated by the Position of the fabled G-spot and the clitoris.

Besides, the man can penetrate through the position especially deep in the woman – even a smaller Penis is felt more intensely.

In addition, the woman has the option to stimulate with your free Hand to her Clit. A little Extra of the love game: The man can watch his partner during the act and at the peak watch.

Whether the butterfly holds position really, what it promises, and actually unique orgasms given, but must try for every couple for themselves in the practical test itself.

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