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As a balance training for the strength training is immensely important and yet so often neglected in the regular agility training is underestimated.

It ensures that the joints remain agile and prevents injuries is crucial.

In addition to his 30-minute full-body Workout Kofi has put together a Mobility training Video with six Exercises for hip, torso, back and shoulders for you.

To do the Exercises, all you need is a yoga Mat and a knee-high stool.

A Mobility-Training: listen To your body

Especially when one is not moving much and, instead, often sitting at the Desk, the Exercises are worth Gold.

It is important to complete the Exercise, directly perfect, but to listen to the own body and to not tense up. Flexibility exercises should feel good and be good.

Each Exercise is executed dynamically. When you Go into the stretch is exhaled, and Solve again.

1. Exercise: 90/90

This Exercise is for the hips. From a sitting Position, the legs are stored each in a 90°angle on the side of the Mat.

Your torso is turned to the right. Lead him now to the front leg down to the floor. Do this slowly and without provoking pain, only so far as it permits your body.

Then raise the torso slowly again and again this process will repeat three to four times.

The last time, you can increase the intensity easily by sliding the outstretched arms to the front.

The slight Variation of the Exercise, you can align then the torso diagonal to the legs, and from here down to the ground to go. After several times Repeat on the other side of the row.

Move to the completion of the 90/90 position dynamically and forth, from one side to the other, about three to four times per page.

2. Exercise: Knee to Chest rotation

This Exercise is ideal for the mobility of the hip. Embark in a supine position, a leg, and press the energized leg alternately to both sides for a ground. The knee hold it close to the torso.

Perform here three to four times, slowly, and then switch the leg.

Take enough time to be in the Position to get inside, until you reach the lowest Position with the knee.

3. Exercise: Hip Flexor Stretch

Prop yourself up for this Exercise on one knee and the other leg. Is fundamental for the effectiveness of this Exercise, that the pelvis is tilted forward the whole time. Now move the hips from Pushing forward and breathe in to the front.

To intensify the Exercise, encompassed with the Hand to the opposite foot and pull him. Perform the Exercise five to six times with a forward tilted pelvis. Then the other leg on the point, the same Exercise for the other side to perform.

4. Exercise: Torso Rotation

This Exercise trains the movement of the upper body. You start in the Quadruped.

Take care that the hands under the shoulder joints and the knees are under the hips. The legs should be positioned hip width apart and the back as straight as possible be.

Now dive with the left Arm to the side under the torso to the right side down and place the left shoulder and the head carefully on the Mat. Now the right Arm pushes upwards, so that the torso opens to the front.

Not remain static, but will lead to the completion of the Opening of the Arm, get back in the all-fours position and rotate the left Arm directly to the left and upwards, so that the torso to the other side opens up. The Looks, the Hand followed.

Do then the same movement with the right Arm and again the two hole for both sides – up to three times.

5. Exercise: Cat Cow

This Exercise is intended for the back and also from the all-fours position. Shape with the back of a hump.

You do this by pressing the back towards the ceiling, head down. Hold this Position for a few seconds. Then you go in the opposite direction, namely into a hollow cross.

According to your own pace do you think this, too, for a few seconds, and again both positions Holst then several times in the exchange.

6. Exercise: Shoulder Opener

For this Exercise you need a knee-high stool; a Sofa or chair is also suitable. You go in front of the stool on your knees and put the elbows on the seat.

In order to bring the biceps to the voltage, you draw the hands and forearms to the shoulder. The chest presses while on the ground.

This will keep for five to ten seconds in the stretch and then solve. Again this Exercise several times.

The continuity is crucial

Crucial for the effectiveness of Mobility Exercises is that you have to listen to his body and him not be overwhelmed.

In addition, these Exercises should be done regularly. As an independent unit or directly after the strength training, Mobility Training can only when it is continuously operated, help prevent injury and to preserve the mobility of the joints.

Kimberly Papenthin

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