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Whether Fitness, Golf, athletics or Tennis: Who begins after weeks of inaction, again with the Sport, should make it a little quieter.

Because of a long forced break due to the Coronavirus may have taken their toll.

The muscles and ligaments are not as pliable. This increases the risk of strains and tears. In addition, may have suffered the technique and the efficiency decreased.

“You may not start where you left off,” advises Prof. Ingo Froböse, head of the Institute for movement therapy at the German sport University in Cologne.

And don’t despair if it goes as quickly as hoped on the up again: “After long breaks, it takes quite the double of the time until you are back at the old level.”

Less Weights, more reps

Who can no longer cope with, for example, in the gym, the usual Weights, you should reduce the kilogram number and doing more reps – 12 to 15 pieces, the expert recommends.

Tennis players and tennis players advises Froböse, to first put the focus on the technique and not to play in the Competition – and if so, then rather be on a slower surfaces such as Sand, instead of on the hard court.

In General, the risk of injury in all speed sports, after the break, the higher, because the muscles suppleness’ve lost.

Also golfers do not want to go on to the 18-hole round, but to get to the Driving Range and want to get the feel for the momentum, recommends Froböse.

Leisurely start, and sufficient to regenerate

Generally applies to all Assets: want to get the brake pedal slowly to start and also the regeneration breaks don’t forget. After an extensive strength training, you should pause for at least two days, after an endurance training for at least a day.

By the way: Who was the restrictions active in and around the home via digital courses the Sport has made, could be even more powerful than before, says Froböse.

“Eventually, one has to activate entirely new Muscle groups that help one now during the Training.”

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