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This year, many travel not funny in the consumption of tomato juice. Because of the phenomenon: The vegetable juice is mainly drunk on the plane and rarely on the ground.

Who would want to still benefit – because tomato juice is especially rich in nutrients, you should pay particular attention to the Aroma.

A tomato juice must taste like its bright red fruit: spicy, fleshy and yet with a slightly sweet, fruity Aroma.

This judgment precipitated the testers of the magazine “Öko-Test” (issue 8/2020) all 20 of the tested juices.

Good news first: residues of pesticides found “Öko-Test” in any product.

Test winner: Five juices “Very good” rating

In five of the juices all agreed, they were given the overall grade of “Very good”. Here are all juices:

  • “Alnatura Tomato Juice”
  • “Bag Bacher tomato juice” of Demeter
  • “Tomato juice with sea salt” from Voelkel
  • “Eden, tomato juice with sea salt” by nature country
  • “Energy, Organic Tomato Juice”

Another juice came because of a slightly musty smell and taste only on the overall rating of “Good”.

And also a “Sufficient” awarded the tester to a juice: Here is a high ergosterol content indicated that in the juice with cracked fruits are landed. In addition, lemon juice has been added, which spiced up the flavor.

Tomato juice concentrate is not a good choice

Consistently moderately or even poorly, the tomatoes cut juices from concentrates: nine a “Satisfactory”, four “Adequately received”.

Reason: you were not rearomatisiert sufficient. That is, flavors that are lost in the concentrate production, have not been added back.

In addition, you, was added to lemon juice or lemon juice concentrate. Four of the tomato juices from concentrate were diluted in addition to strong returns, and are thus diluted.


  • Öko-Test (2020): tomato juice in the Test: Many there is a lack of Aroma, retrieved on 30.07.2020:

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), editor-in-FIT FOR FUN

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