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At the moment, the whole world is waiting pretty much eagerly for a suitable vaccine against the new Coronavirus, and also against the fear and the restrictions in the everyday with each other.

But there are also opposite views: the Protest demonstrations at the weekend against the government measures to combat the Corona pandemic also opponents were.

According to the experts Bernd Harder from the society for the scientific investigation of para Sciences the Corona could move crisis Impfskeptiker but more likely, in the future, more on vaccinations to trust.

“Because, you see, how a world without Vaccinations could look like.”

Opponents protest against forced vaccination

Vaccine critics had initially demonstrated primarily against the mandatory vaccination for Measles, which is valid since March, in Germany.

In the Wake of the Corona-pandemic and derkontakt restrictions, it had become quiet.

Now, opponents protest again, along with conspiracy theorists, right-wing extremists and Wutbürgern.

On the Internet you can collect Online petitions signatures against an allegedly coercive vaccination against Corona.

For the tough opponents that was only the continuation of the fight against the measles vaccination, so Harder.

“You assume that now the next stage is ignited, there will be a Corona-forced-vaccination,” he explained. “You see, in the fight against a dictatorship of the vaccination.”

The majority is eagerly waiting for Corona-Vaccination

A lot of people has but to shake the Corona-pandemic split. Because it reminds us of how much virus can be a threat to our society, our prosperity and our existence.

“My impression is that the vast majority of the population is prone to the Impfgedanken very course,” said the Erlanger Infection immunologist, Christian Bogdan, who is also a member of the Standing Committee on vaccination (Stiko) at the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI).

Only the much smaller group of the strict opponents feel by the Corona-crisis and the measures to contain them, confirmed it, said Harder.

“The claim to a totalitarianism where there is a social Agreement.”

Less vaccination, since the Corona is carried out

Currently could be vaccinated in the Wake of the Corona-crisis a little less than usual: A survey of 1,000 people on behalf of a consortium, which also includes the RKI, recently found that 30 percent of 132 scheduled vaccinations in adults and 35 percent have been canceled from 75 scheduled vaccinations in children – either by the Doctors or the patients.

A note on falling Impfbereitschaft could not be read from the Covid-19 Snapshot Monitoring (Cosmo), said the Erlanger expert Bogdan.

“This is not investigated whether the Impfbegeisterung is harmful, but whether vaccinations during the Covid-19-pandemic, to be as well perceived as before.”

Overall, fewer visits to the doctor due to Corona

In the Corona-crisis, many people doctor’s offices out of fear, avoided Contracting the disease there. The Brigitte Dietz from the professional Association of child and adolescent physicians in Bavaria.

“It is basically feel an insecurity on the part of parents,” she said. Therefore, it is currently a little more often, so cancelled the appointment.

The accounting data of the physicians ‘ associations do not reflect the development.

In the data there is a delay of at least three months, said a spokesman for the Central research Institute of ambulatory health care in Germany. Therefore, this would be at the earliest mid-June.

Vaccines train the immune system

The Stiko warns to postpone routine vaccinations, if one is not ill. Thus, gaps may arise.

And anyone who believes, by a vaccination to be immune system to weaken, can Bogdan calm: “there is no Evidence,” he said.

Rather, the opposite is the case: “There is evidence that certain vaccinations, such as a Training for the immune system work, this, therefore, to strengthen.”


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