Priligy maryland

It is an act of European solidarity came out the same as on Saturday, a machine from the Italian city of Bergamo on the Cologne-Bonn airport is landed. On Board of the Medevac-Airbus six were at Covid-19 ill Italians. They are to be treated in hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia. Italy is considered to be the worst of the Coronavirus-stricken country in Europe. The last had died within 24 hours, more than 900 people. The hospitals are overloaded. Therefore, Germany has offered to take on patients. Also from France were brought in this week to patients across the border in the Federal Republic of Germany. Experts believe that the peak of the infection in Germany is not yet reached. Still, hospitals capacity, with cases from abroad to be incorporated. Meanwhile, other German could leave the country of Nepal. Two chartered planes took off on Saturday with mainly German and French citizens on Board from the international airport of Kathmandu. The Europeans had previously sat for a week in Nepal festival. Manfred Poppe waited on Saturday on his flight to Germany: “I believe that Germany has far better health facilities than Nepal. Even if Nepal is not yet hit by the pandemic, so these will probably come and then Nepal will be a huge Problem. We believe that we are positioned better in Germany.” One of the machines was provided by the German and French government. A total of 608 passengers were aboard. Already on Friday, some 300 Europeans had been flown out of the country. The government of Nepal had registered up to Saturday, four cases of Covid-19.