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The Discounter Lidl takes, for reasons of consumer protection, the grated cheese, the brand Milbona as a precaution from the sale.

The reason is that the manufacturer of the product can not rule out the possibility that in some products the blue plastic parts that could be dangerous for consumers.

This product is affected by the recall at Lidl

As the discounters notifies the affected product is “Milbona Gouda cheese, young, grated, at least 7 weeks aged, 250g” with the date of minimum durability 23.03.2020, the lot number 893839538051060191224 and the identification mark NL Z 0507 i to the EC.

The grated cheese was sold in the States of Hesse, lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Other cheese products from the manufacturer, also available at Lidl in the sale, are not affected, according to the supermarket chain, however, and therefore represent no risk for the consumer.

Consumers who have already purchased the product, should refrain from any eating, because the plastic can lead to significant injuries in the mouth and throat.

You can give back to the cheese, therefore, in every Lidl store, even without the submission of receipts.

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