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Note: This article first appeared on 7. June 2017 and was published in the occasion of an Ambrosia-warning again.

According to birch, hazel and grasses, many Allergy sufferers have in this country is already set, that they are tortured every year from the Pollen of new, immigrant species. In the case of the already hated Ambrosia there are but a an extremely unpleasant the further effect is that, of all places, on the street, you will edges really aggressive.

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from waste gases is causing Stress in the Plant. Thus, the Protein composition of the Pollen is changed. This was found out by researchers from the Helmholtz centre in Munich. The amount of so-called allergenic proteins will be larger, explains the head of the Institute for Biochemical plant pathology, Jörg Durner. Depending on the Allergen by a factor of two to ten.

For those Affected this means in last consequence: The body releases more histamine and that causes allergic reactions – hay fever and Asthma. Also skin infections are possible. And: “One ragweed Plant can yield 3000, and 60,000 seeds in their one-year life cycle”, makes Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) significantly. “Also, you can release up to a billion Pollen grains in the air.”

Ragweed: climate change makes stocks grow

Stiftung Warentest

Good and cheap medicines for hay fever

NO2 has been skin to damaging effects on the mucous membrane. “Now more aggressive Pollen meet gereiztere mucous membranes,” says Durner. How strong the effects are, whether they add up or potentiate – so clearly blatant rise to a model tested. Here, the scientists are still at the beginning: “The easiest way to a people with the Ambrosia would be in a chamber that is treated with NO2. But that’s not natural,” says Durner. Now to the question of whether an animal model must be used or developed for testing purposes, an artificial mucosa is.

The North American ragweed, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, also Upright or ragweed called, was years ago, probably on bird food to Europe brought it in. In Germany, it is represented, according to Matthias Werchan by the Foundation German pollen information service, especially in the warmer South. Alone, the Ministry of health in Bavaria was one of the last 393 of larger stocks in the free state. But just as there was in Brandenburg stocks “beyond Good and Evil,” says Werchan. Also because of climate change, the Ambrosia is spreading.

Their pollens are one of the most violent Allergy triggers – stronger, for example, as in the case of grasses, and birch. The up to 1.80 meters high weed blooms only from about mid-July, the Pollen count ranges from August to October. For Allergy sufferers, this means, under certain circumstances, an extension of the time of suffering of around two months.

Ambrosia tear – best Mouth guard

The Bitter: the edges Straight on the road, where the Pollen will be more aggressive, there are, according to the Werchan another Problem. “The highways are regularly mowed the grass strip. Then the plants are pulled, and the seeds are spread in the soil.” There, you could germinate even years later. The Ministry of health in Munich, Germany therefore recommends that the Plant uproot – only with gloves and, if flowering plants even with Mouth guard and dispose of in a plastic bag with the household trash. In the case of stocks from around 100 plants authorities should be switched on.

Bronchial Asthma

If no breath is, of course,

Since 2007, the Julius Kühn prior to go-Institute in Germany and the free state, programmes of action, against Ambrosia. “It has been an uncontrollable spread as in other States could be prevented,” says Minister Huml. Werchan and Durner, however, are of the opinion that in Germany was made – politically – much too little. Only about 40 measuring stations, there is the information in the entire Republic, to capture the Pollen.

Werchan and refers also to the Switzerland, which have enshrined in law that the Ambrosia must be fought. “Since the Plant is almost completely wiped out again,” he says. In Germany, there were only local actions. “The combat is much cheaper than to be seen.” Bavaria’s head of Ministry Huml says: “We observe in Bavaria, whether a statutory Registration and combat duty for Ambrosia could be plants with us.”

Something Good may be said to have a Professor Durner, Helmholtz-centre of the Ambrosia, however, but: “This is a super model for the research, because a single Plant develops as many of the Pollen.”

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