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To make the decision finally to remove easily. A hard thing to stay and to realize his or her goals permanently, can be significantly harder.

This was also the young Cabi clear, as she decided to make a change to your lifestyle.

At that time she weighed about 115 pounds and looked everywhere in your environment, the people, the pursued doggedly diets and still not acceptance, not really motivating.

The right Motivation to find it

“I wanted to make it easy for me: I wanted to spend no diet restrictions or a year of my life doing something I hate”, reminding you on your Blog to your slimming beginnings.

“So I decided to make the fun in the foreground, and began to document my fitness journey online.”

Since this decision, Social Media helps her to stay on the Ball. “Just because it is entertaining.” About 30 pounds has lost the young woman within a half a year already and everything is diligently documented.

“For this fitness journey, I have created my own rules, my own world, my own pace and my own time. This is my personal project and I am my own Coach.”

However, with the Creation of an Instagram account, it is not done, of course. A healthy conversion of dietary and exercise habits were needed.

Certain Diets? No, thank you!

“To find a method that suits one, is one of the first steps on a fitness journey,” explains Cabi and stresses that it is completely normal that not every diet suits every Person.

In the case of Cabi, this simply means that they followed no specific diet: “I wanted a Lifestyle that I can get my whole life straight.”

A strict diet does not appeared to her since the right way since such a limitation could lead you to a healthy life style.

The weight is not all that matters

Cabi decided to set no precise objectives and the success of your behavior change not just a weight be fixed.

“Losing weight is a Symptom of changing habits and a healthier lifestyle, but it is not the deciding factor,” she explains.

“I eat everything in moderation and count calories to 1,350 per day, regardless of whether I train or not. As long as I try not to exceed these calories, I eat what I want.”

She tries to choose healthy meals. However, fixed targets, such as the inclusion of certain nutrients, she has not.

The body of the movement to get used to

At the same time, the young American began to be more movement in your day to integrate. “I began almost every day to run a half-mile.”

That might not sound like maybe to much, but it is a good way to accustom the body to movement, and this movement eventually become a habit.

“Then I have increased it to a whole mile. Then a year and a half and later two miles. It didn’t matter to me how long I was on the way.”

Sometimes she needed for a half mile around 30 minutes. But at the time it came Cabi, as long as it was easy in the fresh air.

“Now I’m doing three miles in about 40 to 45 minutes, and even up to ten minutes of Jogging.” In addition, the young woman three times per week, crisp force training units with the help of YouTube Videos.

“I’m not as disciplined or structured, when it comes to strength training”, admits it himself. “But I should be really because the muscles are so good for the body.”

With UPS and Downs to the destination

“I have created a Plan for my life that fits to my way of thinking and my heart,” says the young woman in the last months.

Your way to a healthier life certainly was not a straight line. “But I see these bumps and battles won as a learning curve.”

“At the Moment, I’m taking the next six months with the same setting I had in the past”, writes you motivated on your Blog.

And that is exactly the right way.

Cornelia Bertram

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