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Hand on heart: How often do you clean your own Smartphone?

This is not meant to be, it did RUB on the Jeans to bring the screen back to the Shine, but a proper cleaning with a cloth to rid the phone of bacteria, and co..

245,9 infectious units per square centimeter

The British company Insurance2go, which specialises in the insurance of electronic devices, investigated how infectious mobile phones are in comparison to a toilet seat.

The experts took three different phone models (iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel) under the microscope. The result is more than sobering.

On the Smartphone screens a whopping 245,9 infectious units per square centimeter collected.

The average mobile phone contains up to 84,9 infectious units, while the average toilet seat for comparison, just 24 carries on.

Anyone who has disgusted so far in front of the keyboard and mouse in the office, you can relax, however: Both showed in the investigation, only five infectious units per square centimeter.

Smartphone be cleaned rarely

On average, it takes the Smartphone 3000 Times per day to the Hand. It spread to countless bacteria and fungi. Not a nice thought – especially because the unit is when making Calls directly to the face.

A supplementary survey of Insurance2go under 1000 UK citizens found that one-third of it has cleaned your phone never. Only one of 20 cleans his cell phone every six months or less.

Of course, bacteria and fungi are a fact of life, and it is not possible to keep his environment is always sterile. Nevertheless, experts recommend to disinfect the phone once a week to the toilet to clean also on a regular basis.


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