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Who brought the Coronavirus to Italy? Still this question is not answered in the final. The search for “Patient Zero” has been so sleepy that you hardly understand. Only one thing is known: The first documented case of a 38-year-old man from the Lombard location Codogno.

Just: Because the identification of this Case has taken so incredibly long, you could spread the Virus is initially unchecked. And of all places in a hospital, where already many of the immune-weakened people. The newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, has reconstructed the timeline of the negligence.

19. February, 3.12 PM

It is already the second Time that Mattia comes in the emergency room of the hospital in Codogno. The day before he had been there, but not stationary has been recorded. Now it’s him but not so badly that he remains there.


The unknown Patient is 0: Why it is in Italy all of a sudden Corona

He has flu symptoms, is treated appropriately and gets during the day a lot of visitors: relatives and friends, and Doctors check in regularly, nurses, and other staff. With other patients, he is in contact.

The idea to test it on the Coronavirus, comes nobody. The reason: Mattia came from China. And since the 27. January, a new Directive of the Ministry of health, which said that only on Coronavirus should be tested, who had come back from China.

20. February, 16 At

Mattia, it’s still not better. His wife reported the 38-Year-old I met recently with a from China, returned friend. Finally, someone proposes to test Mattia on the Coronavirus. Until the result is there, but it didn’t take more hours. Hours, in which the 38-Year-old more contact with others. Also with his highly pregnant wife.

Whether the man Mattia has taken, is indeed the origin of the outbreak is yet more unclear: The Virus could not be detected in the already in January, returning to the friend first. Also, he had no time symptoms, it said.


The fourth Infected in the state of Baden-Württemberg – Spahn: "The beginning of a Corona epidemic in Deutschland"

20. February, 20 At

The test results are in. Mattia has Covid-19. It lasts until midnight, until the service triggers the need to use staff alarm. Only then to be informed in the hospital all. And from this point on, Corriere della Sera is complicated the Whole”, not to say chaotic,” writes,””. From the chat logs, the newspaper, and reads that “for hours, everything and the opposite of everything” was. Between Doctors, nurses, Management, the provincial government and the Ministry of health, hectic messages are exchanged.

Mattia is brought to the intensive care unit and is held in place by the two anesthesiologists who care for his Intubation.

As a first measure being considered to close the emergency Department and throughout the hospital to seal off – who’s in there, stays in there. Then you consider, to relocate the present patients in other clinics. Doctors and nurses of the night shift to go home with the announcement to stay there and to go in the so-called self-isolation. The opposite is the case: you are called back to the hospital, where you will meet the colleagues from the other layers. In the course of the day, it is then decided who is allowed to actually go home and who must stay there once.

21. February, in the morning

It is late in the morning, as it finally decides the hospital under lockdown. Now really, no one should come in or out.

Only in the course of the next few days, it turns out that Mattia is apparently the first documented case of Corona in Italy. Whether he is actually the one who brought the Virus into the country, you can’t understand. Mattia is therefore the “Patient One”.

25. February

The regional Council meets, the competent health Council of the provincial government is asked about the operations in terms of Corona. He says that the hospital has complied with, in Codogna all protocols.

The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte doubts whether the operations in Codogno were correct: “There was a Hotspot, and from there has spread the Virus, in part due to the management of a hospital, that is not completely in accordance with the logged caution has acted, the measures recommended in these cases,” said Conte.

Gallera replied that these accusations were “baseless and unacceptable”. They had “kept the slave stick” to all protocols.

26. February

How many people have connected to Mattia, is unclear. Only one thing is certain: From Italy has spread the Virus to other countries in Europe, including Austria, Spain and Croatia.

Mattias’s health condition was “serious but stable”, – said on Wednesday. In the meantime, he is being treated in a hospital in Pavia on the blockaded intensive care unit.

Sources: “Corriere della Sera”, the news agencies DPA, AFP, ANSA

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