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Here, in the vicinity of Hanoi, a municipality is under quarantine. Twenty days Son Loi is to remain on lockdown. Enough time, the Vietnam of my authorities, to see whether more people are infected with the novel Coronavirus. Previously, a three-month-old Baby had been confirmed among the 10,000 inhabitants of eleven diseases, including. In the whole of Vietnam so far, 16 cases have been confirmed. “The epidemic has a terrible influence on our lives, especially in our suffering farmers,” said Le Thi Thinh. “We can’t sell our Goods. Who comes out of Son Loi, finds no takers – as if we had leprosy. That hurts.”

But not only is Le Thi Thinhs home village is affected. The government in Hanoi wants to make hundreds of returnees from China, under quarantine. Alone, 950 people are to be housed in an army base outside the capital, and a further 900 in the vicinity of the Chinese border. In China, the country of origin of the Vires, died, according to the national health authority to Thursday, 1380 people by the Virus.