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The Corona-pandemic influence according to the world health organization (WHO), the preparation for the flu season to be very negative.

Collecting the necessary information to the potentially dangerous flu virus’m suffering at the moment under the from the Coronavirus-influenced stress, among other things, the laboratories and the experts said the WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monday in Geneva.

Risk of missing virus samples

Thus, the number of to the WHO skilful virus samples had decreased to 62 percent.

The number of in a special the WHO database uploaded to the Gene sequences of influenza viruses had decreased to 94 percent.

“These disruptions could be short – term and long-term effects, including the loss of the ability to new flu to detect viruses with pandemic potential,” said Tedros. In the southern hemisphere, the flu season was already in gear.

There was no time to lose, appealed Tedros on the international community to provide, as previously, the data of the flu virus available to.

On the Basis of this information, the WHO recommendations for vaccines from speaking.

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